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Many pictures here: Picasa - Lotus Elise


November 2010 I decided to refurbish parts of my Lotus Elise, as I was unhappy about the level of corrosion at some parts.
Well, if I have one personal problem, than it´s that I can´t do jobs only the half way. During disassembly it turned out, that more parts needed careful attention than expected. This included wheel bearings, all ruber bushes, ball joints and much more.
Also (after driving around for a while) I decided to covert the RHD car to a LHD one.

Many many pictures of that journey could be found here: Elise Rebuild
A summary of technical specs and experiences can be found here: Tech Specs



Motorbike Battery installation
LED Inserts for Indicators and Brakelight
DIY electronic Boot Lid Opener
Electronic Pump Control for additional Water Pump
Tailor made Immobilizer Removal of Lucas 5AS and COBRA for Rover Elise
(Click here for removal instructions

Programmable Fuel Injection for Rover Elise
Aktive Motorkühlung