Repair Service for
Rover T1 - T3 TestBook,
Brick-Box DTC0006A and
Interface Box DTC0001B





Since begin of 2008 we can offer help and support for old Rover TestBook T1 - T3 as well as for the Interface-Box called Brick-Box!
The original Rover Name is Serial Communication Box or DTC0006A.





Currently it seems hard to find people who can service the old style TestBooks and buying a replacement from Omitec or Rovacom is hardly affordable for private use. Never the less a large number of Rover and MG cars have to rely on the old proprietary communication protocol and on the old TestBook.




BrickBox Problems:
If your TestBook fails to communicate with your cars ECU even everything is wired up correctly, typically the Interface-Box DCT0006A called the Brick is broken and needs repair. Standard repair is about 150€.

HardDisk Problems:
In case your TestBook reports errors during boot or operation, most likely the hard disk is at EndOfLife. As the replacement gets almost impossible, we offer the conversion to a much faster and robust solid state operation.

Spare Parts:
We can supply you with the most often used TestBook Adapter Cables for about 75€ each:
DTC0061A - TestBook J1962 Adapter MEMS 2.0 (MPI) - Blue
DTC0060A - TestBook J1962 Adapter MEMS 2.0 (MPI/Immobilizer) - Yellow
DTC0064A - TestBook Airbag Dongle
DTC0062B - TestBook J1962 Adapter Land Rover - Green
DTC0065A - TestBook J1962 Adapter - Red
DTC0007A - Main Cable (also availabe in extra long & heavy duty)

For a complete list of available TestBook Adaptors please click HERE.

Our reference list is long. Many TestBooks and BrickBoxes have already been repaired from Bolivia to Japan. Here´s a shortened list oft happy customers who were able to use their TestBook again.

Good Old Times
Zum Holzplatz 7
51491 Overath, Germany

die automacher
Knorrstr. 69
80807 München, Germany

Rover Yokkaichi
1100, Ooaza Hasedashi, Yokkaichi,
Mie,Japan 510-0868

Kohler Automobile Landsberg GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 25
86857 Hurlach, Germany

Andar Motors SRL
Gerente de Servicios y postventa
Av. Hernando Siles, esquina calle 8
No.5377 (Obrajes)
La Paz - Bolivia


Below you can find some pictures from Brick-Boxes which have already been repaired successfully.














TestBook Microlink InterfaceBox DTC0001B






TestBook Model T1 - 80486SX Processor, 20MB RAM, 122MB Harddisk, RDS Version 4.04