Repair Service for
Rover T1 - T3 TestBook,
Brick-Box DTC0006A and
Interface Box DTC0001B





Since begin of 2008 we can offer help and support for old Rover TestBook T1 - T3 as well as for the Interface-Box called Brick-Box!
The original Rover Name is Serial Communication Box or DTC0006A.





Currently it seems hard to find people who can service the old style TestBooks and buying a replacement from Omitec or Rovacom is hardly affordable for private use. Never the less a large number of Rover and MG cars have to rely on the old proprietary communication protocol and on the old TestBook.




BrickBox Problems:
If your TestBook fails to communicate with your cars ECU even everything is wired up correctly, typically the Interface-Box DCT0006A called the Brick is broken and needs repair. Standard repair is about 150€.

HardDisk Problems:
In case your TestBook reports errors during boot or operation, most likely the hard disk is at EndOfLife. As the replacement gets almost impossible, we offer the conversion to a much faster and robust solid state operation.

Spare Parts:
We can supply you with the most often used TestBook Adapter Cables
DTC0061A - TestBook J1962 Adapter MEMS 2.0 (MPI) - Blue
DTC0060A - TestBook J1962 Adapter MEMS 2.0 (MPI/Immobilizer) - Yellow
DTC0064A - TestBook Airbag Dongle
DTC0062B - TestBook J1962 Adapter Land Rover - Green
DTC0065A - TestBook J1962 Adapter - Red
DTC0007A - Main Cable (also availabe in extra long & heavy duty)

For a complete list of available TestBook Adaptors please click HERE.or look in our shop

Our reference list is long. Many TestBooks and BrickBoxes have already been repaired from Bolivia to Japan. Here´s a shortened list oft happy customers who were able to use their TestBook again.

Good Old Times
Zum Holzplatz 7
51491 Overath, Germany

die automacher
Knorrstr. 69
80807 München, Germany

Rover Yokkaichi
1100, Ooaza Hasedashi, Yokkaichi,
Mie,Japan 510-0868

Kohler Automobile Landsberg GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 25
86857 Hurlach, Germany

Andar Motors SRL
Gerente de Servicios y postventa
Av. Hernando Siles, esquina calle 8
No.5377 (Obrajes)
La Paz - Bolivia


Below you can find some pictures from Brick-Boxes which have already been repaired successfully.














TestBook Microlink InterfaceBox DTC0001B






TestBook Model T1 - 80486SX Processor, 20MB RAM, 122MB Harddisk, RDS Version 4.04